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Our time is showing various symptoms. One of those most disappointing symptoms is the haunting clichés; those that impose themselves. Despite only resembling a caricature of their original for being burnt to an extreme frazzle, they reproduce themselves constantly. Businesses have not been immune to the detriments of this chronic condition. Non-creative repetition and unimaginative duplication resembles a louse sucking up the life of businesses, and thus exhausting them. We, at Pardakht Novin, endeavor to avoid this pest, or at least in case we have to comply with business necessities, then use our thought in some aspects. We believe that one can re-think and revolutionize business by an outlook based upon discernment. All we are counting on in this journey is hard work and effort, respecting and believing in our personnel’s innovation at the large family of Pardakht Novin, and of course God’s assistance and blessings. There is no doubt we can successfully attain our goal by upholding our principles and values.

Dr Sasan Moadel

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